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What I can do for you

  • Define and Lead Product Vision, Product Execution, and Product Ecosystem
  • Develop inspiring product vision and strategy
  • Drive product execution from concept to launch
  • Navigate the product ecosystem from concept to business modeling, product planning, customer/product discovery, and product development process
  • Internal and external stakeholder management and evangelism
  • Manage design’s input and role in cross-functional, multi-disciplinary teams
  • Make intangible concepts and ideas relevant and understandable for multidisciplinary teams

What People Are Saying

At INRIX, Brent took User Experience from being an afterthought, to being woven into the very core of our products and ultimately our design. He has changed the direction of our team and the products we create. Watching him do this was a growing experience for all of us. He would commonly say, “Walk with me” when people would doubt or question the direction he was going. Now that we have “Walked with Brent” we can all say it was worth it. Our users certainly think so 🙂 .
John Hurr, INRIX
As Brent's engagement came to a close, DatStat was left with a solid design orientation, a top notch creative team, and a methodology for orchestrating the delicate dance between design and engineering. Oh, and did I mention the guy is also a product genius to boot?
Christopher Maconi, DatStat
Brent is highly skilled and provides specialized work in the creative design space. His work with UrbanKind was focused in the UI/UX area. We required both web/mobile design and analysis for our project. Brent not only delivered a great service but he also was a good team member. His commitment was felt across the entire organization. I would highly recommend him for any project that matches his unique skill set and creative talent.
John Arnold, UrbanKind
I have worked with Brent on many mobile apps at three different companies in the past decade. No matter how small the screen maybe, Brent always manages to design a compelling user experience for the mobile apps that my team builds. His designs bridges the gap between what is technically feasible on a small device and the desire to provide functionality on par with a desktop experience. I can always rely on Brent for fresh visual designs that keep up with today's trends.
Oliver Mak, Medio, Melodeo, AOL Mobile
Brent is a very creative person and he applies this to his design projects. He always turns in exciting, innovative and appropriate designs. I've worked with him on small projects with a single team in one location as well as on projects where the team was separated by continents. He can manage both types of projects equally well. It's always a pleasure to work with Brent.
Jon Bylin, Melodeo, AOL Mobile


Brent was a brilliant collaborator in defining, launching, and marketing Melodeo's products and services. He had major hand in shaping the users' experience of the software. His creativity, talent, skill, and background in digital media and mobile products were invaluable.
Edward P. Flinchem, Melodeo
Brent worked for me at Melodeo. Creative thinker. Creative output. Quickly became expert in the new market space we entered. Very effective at inserting himself into the community and developing key relationships that gave the company credibility.
Stan Sorensen, Melodeo
Brent is a very creative thinker who can see through the clutter and complexity of web and mobile content services and craft a simple, elegant solution that users like. He maintains a valuable network of collaborators and sources that inform his thinking on content presentation. His work is always, and correctly, oriented towards positive user experience.
Bill Valenti, Melodeo
One of the most talented and creative people I have ever had the pleasure to work with, Brent is able to deeply and comprehensively understand the associated business, marketing, product, and technical challenges of a project and convert that knowledge into design solutions that precisely meet the needs of both his customers and audiences.
Richard Bodien, AOL Mobile
One of the few design and creative folks that also has a great grasp of the economic side of projects.
Andy Boyer, RealNetworks
Brent was the core of the RN design team. Not only did he do great design work but also showed a lot of proactivity in automating and improving the efficiency of the design process.
Gary Cowan, RealNetworks